KessTech Racestart



Due to the high demand, we would like to present you today our novelty: 
Activated as standard on all ESE from Euro 5 onwards.  

It opens the flap for the starting process and lets you hear the full sound of the bike at the first breath. The system then switches to OFF mode as usual and closes the flap. 
In addition, the ESE now saves the desired start variant, you can choose for yourself whether with or without Racestart!

This is how it works: 

If you press the handlebar button for 5 seconds while standing, the ESE switches between the features and activates or deactivates the Racestart. This is indicated by:  

Blue Heartbeat – > Racestart active
Green Heartbeat – > Silentstart active

This change can be made as often as desired and is saved on the ESE! 
For safety reasons, this only works when stationary at 0km/h.